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What not use Facebook or their Legacy feature.

We often get asked, “Why wouldn’t I just use Facebook?” It’s a fair question, especially considering they have a Legacy feature built in for people that pass away. Our answer is two-fold. First, we believe Olition memorials are about capturing the essence of a person’s story. We believe this is best achieved through a thoughtfully written biography, curated images, and reverent stories others tell about the person, all in one elegantly designed web page. Facebook gives away everything—the good, the bad, and sometimes, the ugly. It’s our hope that these memorials live on to celebrate the best of a person’s life, without the clutter of meaningless banter. Secondly, it’s core to our mission to sustain the hosting of these memorials forever. We understand this is a daunting concept but where other tech companies have failed, we aim to succeed in offering a platform that sets out to never go out of business, sell private information, or go out of style. We think of Olition as more of a universal time capsule instead of a social network.

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