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Why do we have a size limitations for photos?

Beauty, elegance, and reverence are our core philosophies when it comes to designing a better online memorial experience. We believe that high-resolution images are at the heart of the design which is why we require them to be 2 megapixels (roughly 1000 x 1000 px). When we looked at similar obituary platforms, we noticed a pattern—the imagery they used was suffering. Thumbnail-sized images were keeping those memorials from looking their best. Not only that but we also want to build this thing to be future-proof. We believe the future demands high fidelity.

What can I do if I don't have high-resolution photos?

There are some workarounds. Here are some tips:

  • Ask around: Talk to your family if and see if they have high-resolution images.
  • Take a photo of a photo: Take a photo on your smartphone of the original photo and upload that. Any modern phone made in the last 10 years should be suitable.
  • Use a scanner: Scan the original photo on a scanner or take it to your local drug store to get it scanned.
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