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What does the one-time fee cover?

Many customers wonder about our pricing model and what it covers. First, we'll start by stating that our memorial pricing covers the following:

  • Hosting Fees Where most websites charge roughly $10/month we charge a one-time fee so that you can be assured your memorial will still be around for the indefinite future. 
  • Future Fund A portion of the fee gets allocated to a future fund which will continue hosting the site in the rare case we stop taking on new users. 
  • Maintenance Our hard-working team of developers and designers continue to maintain and improve your site long after you first create your memorial. It's all part of our "evolving design" feature which promises to keep your memorial looking good for years to come.

Why not a monthly subscription service?

Longevity is important to us. We want to make sure that your memorial lasts forever. Learn more about forever here. With a subscription model, your credit card would eventually expire and with it, the termination of your memorial. We don't like the sound of that.

Is your pricing competitive?

We think so. Most obituaries cost anywhere from $200-$500 and often more if you want to include photos. 

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